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So basically Netflix is taking over my life. All I want to do is watch it. Well more specifically I want to watch Vampire Diaries, that’s the show I am currently watching via the all so amazing outlet of Netflix.  nNetflix, as most are already aware,  is a website that has a ton of movies and shows that for a cost of just about 10 dollars a month (so worth it might I add) is at your disposal whenever you please.

So as I said early I recently started a new show on Netflix, Vampire Diaries, and I spend all the free time I have watching it. It is literally taking over my life. And here I am on step one admitting that I have a problem. I started the show last Sunday, so only just 6 short days ago. In those 6 days I have watched a season and a half, 36 episodes to be exact. With each episode being just about 42 minutes long that rings in at a whopping 25 hours and 20 minutes (assuming I did my math correctly, PR major here, don’t judge me I’m not the best with numbers) but yeah wow that’s a lot of time logged into this thing we call Netflix. So now you get the picture, it is taking over my life. But, I just can’t seem to stop.713ef92e-9a45-4038-9646-fb6a6d21438e

All I want to do is watch Vampire Diaries. I am so invested into the lives of the characters I actually feel like a crazy person. I wake up and watch an episode if I have time, I put my computer on two screens so I can watch it while I work on homework, I put off homework so I can just watch it, I watch it on my phone at the gym while I work out, I watch it before I go to bed, I even dream about it. I just can’t stop. It truly is taking over my life.

I can’t imagine that I am the only one. I am sure most college kid’s also17123251389_bed3c3a1ba_b.jpg have the same obsession with Netflix that I do. All my friends do, I know that. There’s even the Netflix and chill phenomenon. Netflix is such a part of our lives and we don’t even know it. Well I do, but that because all of my time recently has been taken up by it. But even before I started Vampire Diaries I watched it all the time, not as obsessively, but it was still a consistent thing.
Man, I bet the person who created Netflix is really hyped about themselves because damn they are probably rich as hell. All I know for myself at least is that I am most definitely getting my moneys worth, since I watch it so frequently.

Okay, that’s all I have for now, mostly because I want to go watch some more Vampire Diaries… Highly recommend you check it out.


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