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The MLB hit a home run, but Cleveland may have struck out

Sports are a huge part of our lives. At least they are a huge part of mine.


Growing up, not only did my brother and I play every single sport that was ever offered to us, but we also watched every single sport that we could.

In my house, Sports Center and ESPN were on constantly. If there wasn’t a football game, basketball game, or baseball game playing on a network, we would be watching the GOLF Channel. We couldn’t escape it and we didn’t want to.


With how much sports are a part of our live’s and our society, it is silly that we do not notice the inappropriate things that different teams stand for. We hear about when a player sexual assaults someone, or hits there significant other, but why are we not more outraged with their names and mascots?

In particular, the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians.

These names and logos are extremely hurtful to many.

Major League Baseball is finally taking steps to rectify these derogatory terms and images.

In a press release issued by MLB Communications on Jan. 31, 2018, on Twitter,


MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., “announced that the Cleveland Indians will remove the ‘Chief Wahoo’ logo from their uniforms”.

The press release also spoke about how the MLB is “committed to building a culture of diversity”.


When I see teams and MLB as a whole making decisions such as this one, it makes me very happy to be a sports fan, even though it has taken them this long to do it.

Though, it is a great thing and I hope that the NFL will follow their lead, it is still a crisis for the brand Of the Cleveland Indians.

This change negatively impacts their brand and their reputation. Fans are upset with change to the team that they know and love.

The PR department of the Indians is going to have to work hard to ensure their fans that their brand will be okay. They will have to quickly choose and name a new mascot, that is both culturally appropriate and that fans can get behind. cleveland-indians-mlb-baseball-round-area-rug.jpg

If they were doing their jobs right, they have already planned for this crisis and know the steps that they will take to ease the transition for their fan base.

They need to show their fans that this is the right and ethical thing to do, but it will definitely not hurt their baseball team and their performance on the field.

It is just something that was bound to happen.

Crisis can happen in any industry and at any time, and most likely when you least expect it. Sports are not an exception.

Though I love sports, I also love when they change and evolve with our society.

Cheers to the MLB.




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