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Social Media is Key

This quarter I am in Central’s PR Agency class, which is a class where we get put into teams and get assigned a local company and do PR for them over the course of the quarter. This year I am in the group that has been assigned to our campus student-run life style magazine The Pulse. It is an amazing magazine, but its biggest problem is that the social media outlets for the company are not very consistent and not being viewed as much as they would like it to.

So, it’s my job to help them. I have been researching a lot about how to increase SEOs for the site as well as how to make it so more people see what they are posting on the different outlets.

While I was doing this, I found the blog by Kevin Allen, “top social media tips for PR and marketing pros” The infographic on the blog is the most helpful thing I have found so far. Not only does it give you advise about posting on each different social media, but it also tells you what days and times you are likely to get the most views.

So basically, this infographic is a godsend for me, and I hope that it helps me to help The Pulse. Now I know what kind of things get the most hits, videos, always videos. When to post these things so we can reach the widest range of people. As well as how to frame things depending on the different outlet we are using. We can post the exact same thing on all our social media platforms, but this blog helps to show how we can edit the post to fit the platform, to help us boost our SEOs.

All in all, if you are struggling, like I was to help with social media, check out Allen’s blog. It’s bomb.

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The Future of PR

As a student studying public relations, of course I hope to one day have a career in the PR field. So, knowing what to expect of the future of the field is important to me.

After reading the article “3 facts to consider about the future of PR” by Meredith L. Eaton,,  I have some things to consider.

  1. The fact that PR is called, well, PR.

Even in classes, we do more than just the things you expect from a PR professional.  Like the article says, “PR is becoming more closely integrated with marketing and advertising” (Eaton). We are even required to take marketing classes in order to receive a diploma that says Public Relations on it. PR as a profession is becoming more well-rounded, and I am excited to be a part of a profession that changes and grows with the times.

  1. The fact that our profession might need to take a lesson from our own textbooks.

Like the article states, “Does PR need better PR?” (Eaton). I think yes. When people ask me what my major is and I tell them, I more times than not get a ‘Really? You want to do that with your life? That profession seems a little sketchy,’ Or ‘Wow, I never took you as someone who could lie easily’. PR needs to show people that what we do isn’t malicious. I do not think of myself as a spin doctor at all, so we need to show everyone else that too.

  1. The fact that benefits in any profession are key.

Like most millennials going into a profession, the benefits that come with a job are extremely important. Money matters, but so do other things, like being able to get paid leave if I have a child (for me and my future husband), and being able to go on vacations (with that future husband). Just like Eaton says in the article, the promise of “high quality of life” is very important when choosing a field to enter into.

I’m studying PR, so I want to make sure PR is going in the same direction that I want to go in my life. This article does a good job of making me see the future of my field, and what it needs to change for me to be a happy camper (or professional I suppose).

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Why PR?

Like most 18-year-old newly graduated kids, I went to my college orientation with no idea in the world what I wanted to do with my life.

At the beginning of orientation, we were told to go to the classroom that most aligned with what you believed you wanted to study. This was a very scary moment for me, a person that still had NO idea, I had even made a pro and con list of the different possibilities.

I want to be a nurse? A teacher? A business person? How was I supposed to choose something to do with the rest of my life at such a young age?

I did however know the things I liked doing.

  • Playing sports
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Talking to people
  • Experiencing new things

So, when we were told to pick where to go, I made the decision to go the classroom where they spoke of the PR and communication fields. The lady that opened the discussion lit up about the possibilities that came with a career in PR.

Everything she said related to me in some way. I knew in that moment that I would study Public Relations and hopefully one day make a career out of one of the options she presented that day.

She also spoke of how many people link a public relations major with a minor in sports management. This made me even more excited.

If I could make a life out of being connected to sports and getting to be around many different people I knew I would be happy.

So here I am now a junior in college studying public relations and sports business, all thanks to my decision to go into a random classroom at orientation.



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This week I attended the IT’S NOT FAIR panel and research fair on Monday, February 27 at 11 a.m. To be completely honest I attended this event to get credit for a class, this blog is giving me credit for writing two blogs… I showed up expecting to stay only for a little bit, just enough time to get pictures and the gist of what was going on, then when the panel starting speaking I was intrigued and stayed for much longer than expected.


The panel spoke to a lot of things that I was able to relate to, which honestly I was very surprised by. The young man on the far right in the picture, spoke of how we came to Central as a transfer student and lived off campus. He said that friends were not readily available to him and he was not very happy. He began doing things that gave him a little extra spark, for him it was skiing. He said he had always loved skiing but he began doing dangerous things that before he never would have. after hearing about an accident a friend of his had while skiing because of his depression. He realized that he was also depressed and sought help.16730382_673930456116548_4577785328298008722_n.jpg

Though I cannot relate to the skiing part of his story, since I don’t do that, I can relate to more of his story than I thought. I am also a transfer student that lives off campus and  that makes it hard to make friends outside of the circle you may already have. Luckily, those friends that I do have are amazing and never let me feel lonely or sad, but I can see how that can easily happen to a person especially on a college campus.unnamed-1

The panel spoke about how mental health in real life is much different than what is portrayed on the movies. That many people struggle with mental health and you may never know. It can be you roommate, your best friend, or the person sitting next to you in class. Many people feel sad and alone and they do not even realize that they are having real depressive feelings. For most people depression is gradual, it is not just something you wake up in the morning with and if you know someone that is struggling with sadness or maybe you yourself is, you should talk about it because that can really help.

The panel spoke of mental health conditions other than just depression, they spoke a lot about PTSD in student veterans, because two of the panelists were veterans who suffer from PTSD. I can also relate to this issue because I have some very close friends who are over seas and after theyunnamed-2 serve are planning on attending college. I did not even think that they might suffer from PTSD in the future and that might effect them when it comes to be a normal student. But now if God forbid it does happen, I can at least direct them in how to get help.

All in all, I was very pleased with the panel as well as the resource fair, I learned so much and was actually interested about what was being talked about which like I said before I was not expecting at all. Through this fair and panel I learned that there are so many resources on campus for students to utilize. Including, counseling services, both group as well as individual, and you already pay for it in the quarterly fee, so you might as well use it. There are also different groups on campus that can help including Mindful Monday’s, where youunnamed (3).jpg practice mindfulness that can help improve your mood, sleep, concentration, listening skill, as well as teach you ways to encounter your life with awareness, acceptance, and compassion.

Never be ashamed in talking to someone about how you are feeling, know you are never alone, and it is easy to get help if you want it.

Nearly 1-in-5 Americans have a diagnosable mental health condition. Don’t be afraid to talk about it!

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So basically Netflix is taking over my life. All I want to do is watch it. Well more specifically I want to watch Vampire Diaries, that’s the show I am currently watching via the all so amazing outlet of Netflix.  nNetflix, as most are already aware,  is a website that has a ton of movies and shows that for a cost of just about 10 dollars a month (so worth it might I add) is at your disposal whenever you please.

So as I said early I recently started a new show on Netflix, Vampire Diaries, and I spend all the free time I have watching it. It is literally taking over my life. And here I am on step one admitting that I have a problem. I started the show last Sunday, so only just 6 short days ago. In those 6 days I have watched a season and a half, 36 episodes to be exact. With each episode being just about 42 minutes long that rings in at a whopping 25 hours and 20 minutes (assuming I did my math correctly, PR major here, don’t judge me I’m not the best with numbers) but yeah wow that’s a lot of time logged into this thing we call Netflix. So now you get the picture, it is taking over my life. But, I just can’t seem to stop.713ef92e-9a45-4038-9646-fb6a6d21438e

All I want to do is watch Vampire Diaries. I am so invested into the lives of the characters I actually feel like a crazy person. I wake up and watch an episode if I have time, I put my computer on two screens so I can watch it while I work on homework, I put off homework so I can just watch it, I watch it on my phone at the gym while I work out, I watch it before I go to bed, I even dream about it. I just can’t stop. It truly is taking over my life.

I can’t imagine that I am the only one. I am sure most college kid’s also17123251389_bed3c3a1ba_b.jpg have the same obsession with Netflix that I do. All my friends do, I know that. There’s even the Netflix and chill phenomenon. Netflix is such a part of our lives and we don’t even know it. Well I do, but that because all of my time recently has been taken up by it. But even before I started Vampire Diaries I watched it all the time, not as obsessively, but it was still a consistent thing.
Man, I bet the person who created Netflix is really hyped about themselves because damn they are probably rich as hell. All I know for myself at least is that I am most definitely getting my moneys worth, since I watch it so frequently.

Okay, that’s all I have for now, mostly because I want to go watch some more Vampire Diaries… Highly recommend you check it out.

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I’m a grown up now?

So here I am, a 19 year old college student living on my own for the first time. Well technically I did live in a dorm last year but I don’t count that. Why? Well because in the dorm there are still people taking care of you, a janitor that cleans your bathroom (that is if you live in a dorm with a communal bathroom like I did), people that make your food for you, and an RA that for the most part looks after you to make sure you aren’t doing anything too dumb. My point here is that living in a dorm does not count, at least in my book, for living on your own.

Okay, back to my main point, I am living on my own for the first time everpicture-love-hate and well it is not exactly what I had pictured when I imagined having my first apartment. It is definitely a love-hate rate relationship. Love, I don’t have to tell my parents where I’m going every time I leave. Hate, I don’t have my parents there to do things for me. I know this makes me sound like a spoiled brat that never did anything, and relied on their parents to do everything for them, which is not what my childhood looked like. I always did chores, and unlike some people I know, I know ho6359057965939175171809868181_call-momw to do my laundry and wash my own dishes. But its the little things I miss most about living with my parents, like having a handyman at the call of a “DAD!” and having someone who makes most meals for you, and pays for most things for you as well. So here I am living in my own apartment trying to do this thing called “adulting” which I know I am not doing correctly because calling your parents pretty much once a day to ask different questions about how to do things does not make me feel like an adult.

Living on my own consists of me calling my mom to ask her how to make different dishes. Like, “Mom, how long do you cook salmon and what temperature does the oven have to be set to?” “Can I get sick if I don’t do this right?” “Should I just make something else so I don’t mess up?”. Not only do I call my m129-mouse_417x235om all the time but, maybe even my dad more. Like the time I saw a mouse in my apartment. I don’t think I have ever freaked out as much I did in that moment. My first call was obviously to my dad who if I was at home is in charge of getting rid of live animals that were not our dog or our cat. And was he helpful at all? No. He just laughed at me and told me to hit it with a broom or go to the store and get traps. Um, dad, that means I have to go through the living room where I have it trapped and then it might attack me. So pretty much having a mouse in my apartment was the most traumatic thing I have ever had to go through.

Basically, living on my own is just me being confused all the time and calling my parent for some help or advice. Just call me Kim K…_kim-kardashian-gif